Sikhs Beliefs


  Sikhs focus their lives around their relationship with God, and being a part of the Sikh community. The Sikh ideal combines action and belief. To live a good life a person should do good deeds as well as meditating on God. God and the cycle of life Sikhs believe …

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Sabean Beliefs


practice initiation through submersion in water, intended to harken to the inundation of the world during the deluge of the time of Noah which cleansed man’s sinful nature from the face of the earth. Hence ablution is an important part of the Sabian religions. The practice involves falling back into …

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Judaism Beliefs


    Jewish people believe in the Torah, which was the whole of the laws given to the Israelites at Sinai. They believe they must follow God’s laws which govern daily life. Later legal books, written by rabbis, determine the law as it applies to life in each new place …

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Hinduism belief


  Our beliefs determine our thoughts and attitudes about life, which in turn direct our actions. By our actions, we create our destiny. Beliefs about sacred matters–God, soul and cosmos–are essential to one’s approach to life. Hindus believe many diverse things, but there are a few bedrock concepts on which …

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Soul Salvation Beliefs

Salvation is being saved or protected from harmr being saved or delivered from some dire situation. In religion, salvation is stated as the saving of the soul from sin and its consequences. The academic study of salvation is called soteriology. It concerns itself with the comparative study of how different …

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Presbyterian Beliefs

Presbyterian and Reformed churches both trace their heritage back to the 16th century C.E. and the reformer John Calvin. Calvin’s writings formed much of what is still the basis of both Presbyterian and Reformed religious thought. Calvin did most of his writing from Geneva, Switzerland, and from there the Reformed …

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Pentecostal Beliefs

Pentecostal worship is a relatively new phenomenon within the Christian world. Its worship services are marked with extreme emotion, expressed through raised hands, dancing, exuberant singing, and speaking in tongues, among other things. Pentecostalism had a great impact on the similar Charismatic movement, which has swept through many different Protestant …

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Orthodox Beliefs

The Holy Orthodox Catholic Apostolic Eastern Church understands itself to preserve the faith of the original apostolic Christian church. Hence the name Orthodox (“correct teaching or worship”). The older Orthodox churches, usually known as patriarchates and afforded special status, trace their foundation to one of the 12 apostles, the four …

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methodist Beliefs

Methodism represents a branch of Protestant Christianity that traces its heritage back to John Wesley and his attempts to bring revival within the Church of England in the early 18th century C.E. Methodism holds many of the basic Protestant Christian beliefs, including the inspiration and authority of scripture for faith …

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maronite Beliefs

The Maronites believe that their heritage dates back to the time of Jesus. They were one of the Christian sects in the Middle East to remain intact after the Islamic revolution of the seventh century AD . At first the Maronites welcomed the Muslims as saviors from the hated Byzantine …

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